Artists Impression of the Loveland Frogman

Loveland Frogman – Ohio

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The Loveland Frogman is a legendary cryptid that is said to live in the area around Loveland, Ohio, in the United States and it is sometimes also called the Loveland Frog or Loveland Lizard.

Cryptid Name:Loveland Frogman
Location:Loveland, Ohio, United States
Loveland Frogman Location On Map
Category:Reptilian Cryptid
Description:Humanoid frog or lizard-like creature with leathery skin, webbed hands and feet, standing 3 to 4 feet (1m to 1.2m) tall, and often seen standing on hind legs.
Size:Approximately 3 to 4 feet in height
Behavior/Characteristics:Often described as shy or elusive; reported sightings near bodies of water like the Little Miami River.
Diet:Unclear; no specific dietary habits reported
Habitat/Environment:Often associated with aquatic environments like rivers or ponds, particularly in the Loveland area.
Evidence:Limited to anecdotal accounts, eyewitness testimonies, and folklore. No scientific evidence or physical proof of its existence.
Sightings and Encounters:Several reported sightings over the years, particularly in the mid-20th century, with some accounts involving law enforcement officers.
Skepticism/Explanations:Most sightings are dismissed as misidentifications of ordinary animals, hoaxes, or urban legends. Some suggest large frogs or toads as the source of sightings.

What does the Loveland Frogman Look Like?

Artists Impression of the Loveland Frogman
Artist Impression Of The Loveland Frogman

The Loveland Frogman is said to look like a humanoid frog that stands about 4 feet / 1.2 meters tall.

It has a leathery skin with webbed feet and hands and its eyes are large and bulging.

It has a wide mouth just like that of a frog and it is able to walk upright on its hind legs like a human.

Loveland Frogman Sightings

There have been a number of Loveland Frogman sightings over the years. These are the most credible sightings that have been recorded:

Traveling Salesman Sighting

The first recorded signing of the Loveland Frogman was in 1955. A traveling salesman was driving in the Loveland area when he reported seeing three creatures standing on their hind legs on the side of the road.

The stories of this sighting vary a lot with some saying that the frogmen were simply spotted on the side of the road while others say that they were spotted under a bridge. Some variations of the story also say that the frogmen held some type of wand over their heads which created a spray of sparks that scared the salesman away.

Police Sightings

In 1972, a police officer spotted the Loveland Frogman while out on patrol at 1 a.m. He said that the creature ran across the road in front of his car and climbed over a road guardrail before disappearing into the darkness.

Two weeks after this incident, a second officer also reported seeing a creature that matched the description of the cryptid his fellow police officer had seen. The officer shot the animal and showed it to his colleague who confirmed that this was the creature that he saw.

They described the animal as looking like a large Iguana that was missing its tail.

Pokemon Go Sighting

The most recently recorded sighting was in 2016 when a man by the name of Sam Jacobs saw a creature crossing over the railway track while he was playing Pokemon Go. He described the frogman as looking like a giant frog walking on its hind legs. He also confirmed that the creature was around 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall.

Skeptisism & Explanations

As with many cryptid sightings, there is a lot of skepticism around the Loveland Frogman. In fact, one of the policemen from the 1972 sightings is adamant that the Frogman is simply a hoax. It’s been 50 years since the policemen spotted the creature in Loveland and he is adamant that the creature he saw and shot was simply a Iguana without a tail. He speculates that the creature was someone’s pet.

Image of an Iguana as a possible explanation for the Loveland Frogman
Source: Filo gèn’, CC BY-SA 4.0

Modern Mentions

Over time, the Loveland Frogman has become somewhat of a local celebrity! In 2023, the City of Loveland introduced the Loveland Frogman as their new mascot, and it will be seen at community events adding an extra dose of fun and Loveland Frogman flair to official occasions and events.

There is also an annual Loveland Frogman race which has been taking place for almost 10 years. The race consists of a 5-mile canoe race, an 8-mile bike race, and a 5K run.

The Loveland Frogman City Mascot
The Loveland Frogman City Mascot
Source: Loveland City Manager’s Report

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