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Sheepsquatch – West Virginia

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The Sheepsquatch, which is also known as the “White Thing”, is a mysterious cryptid that is said to live in the Appalachian region of the United States, especially in West Virginia. To date, most sightings have taken place in Boone County, Putnam County, and Mason County.

The Sheepsquatch gets its name from the description that it is a combination of a sheep and a sasquatch such as Bigfoot.

Cryptid Name:Sheepsquatch
Location:Appalachian region, primarily West Virginia, USA
Map of where the Sheepsquatch is found
Category:Hominid Cryptid
Description:Large, woolly creature with white fur, horns resembling a sheep or ram. Some reports mention glowing red eyes.
Size:Varies; Between 7 to 9 feet / 2.1 to 2.7 meters tall.
Behavior/Characteristics:Generally considered elusive. Accounts suggest it can be aggressive when provoked or cornered.
Habitat/Environment:Remote, wooded areas and mountainous regions within the Appalachian range.
Evidence:There is no conclusive scientific evidence to confirm its existence. Sightings are largely anecdotal.
Sightings and Encounters:Numerous sightings and encounters have been reported, primarily from locals, but none have provided concrete proof of its existence.
Skepticism/Explanations:Skeptics often argue that sightings could be the result of misidentifications of known animals like bears or dogs, or that the creature is purely a product of folklore and legend.

What Does The Sheepsquatch Look Like?

Sheepsquatch Picture
Artist’s Impression of the Sheepsquatch

The Sheepsquatch is described as being about the size of a bear with white wooly fur like a sheep – hence its name “White Thing”.

It has a set of horns similar to those found on a ram or a sheep and these horns are described as being quite imposing.

Its head is described as being similar to that of a dog and it has long sharp teeth. It is said that it has a sulfur-like smell.

There are some reports that the Sheepsquatch has glowing red eyes which are also reflective like those of a cat.

Sheepsquatch Sightings

There have been many reported Sheepsquatch sightings in West Virginia, with a surge of sightings in Boone County in the 1990s. Here is a summary of the most notable ones.

  • 1994: A group of women spotted the Sheepsquatch as they drove along an icy mountain road. The beast ran away as soon as their headlights hit it.
  • 1994: A former Navy Seaman reported seeing the White Thing drinking water from a creek before disappearing into the forest.
  • 1994: Two children in Boone County reported seeing a creature that looked like a large white bear standing on its hind legs in the forest. It ran away when startled by the children.
  • 1995: A couple driving through Boone County saw a large white beast sitting in a ditch on the side of the road. They stopped to try to get a better look but this time the creature attacked their car. Strangely in this encounter, the Sheepsquatch was described as having four eyes.
  • 1999: A couple of campers in Boone County heard an animal outside their campsite. Suddly the Sheepsquatch charged out of the darkness. The White Thing chased them to the edge of the forest before turning around. The next morning they reported that their campsite had been torn apart.
  • 2015: A group of campers saw the Sheepsquatch at Fulks Run, which they reported as being 8 to 9 feet tall. It approached them but was not able to reach them because they were separated by a river. The White Thing tried to cross but was unsuccessful. The campers said that it looked like a bipedal dog with thick white fur.

Possible Explanations

Skeptics believe that the Sheepsquatch sightings can be attributed to misidentifications of known animals such as bears (who are known to stand on their hind legs), large canine animals such as wolves or even domestic dogs could explain sightings. This is especially true for people who are not familiar with the wildlife in the area. They also believe that certain lighting conditions or the weather could lead people to see known creatures as being more unusual and even mythical.

Of course, the most logical explanation for the sightings would be a ram that is able to walk on its hind legs giving it the appearance of a sasquatch. I managed to find the following video which perfectly shows what a ram walking on its hind legs looks like!

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