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Ucumar – Andes Mountains

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The Ucumar is a mysterious cryptid that is said to live in the Andes Mountain regions of South America including Argentina. It is described as being similar to many of the bigfoot-like creatures that have been reported around the world with the exception that it has more bear-like features according to most accounts.

Cryptid Name:Ucumar
Location:Andes Mountains, South America
Ucumar Location On A Map
Category:Hominid Cryptid
Description:Large, hairy bear-like creature with some human features.
Size:Often described as being the size of a bear.
Behavior/Characteristics:Solitary and elusive.
Habitat/Environment:High mountain regions.
Evidence:No scientific evidence to support its existence, but there have been many reported sightings.
Sightings and Encounters:Many reported sightings over the years, but none have been verified.
Skepticism/Explanations:Some possible explanations for the reported sightings include misidentification of other animals, hoaxes, and psychological phenomena such as pareidolia.

Ucumar Description

Ucumar Artists Impression

The Ucumar is described as a bear-man and is said to live in caves and at the bottom of gullies. It is believed that bear-like footprints found in the area actually belong to the Ucumar.

There are different descriptions of the Ucumar ranging from it being a short, hairy bear-like creature with slightly human features all the way to a large beast-like man completely covered in hair with a long beard and narrow forehead. It is said that it is strong and agile and easily climbs tall trees. According to the legends surrounding the Ucumar, it is said to kidnap people and have children with them.

Explanations And Skepticism

Many people believe that the Ucumar is inspired by the Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos Ornatus) that lives in the Andean forests. However, this theory was investigated and it was found that it would be very unusual for this bear to be found in these areas. The researchers studied a lot of information, collected footprints, and investigated things like scratches on trees but they didn’t find enough evidence to prove the bear was there. They eventually concluded that it was not very likely that the Spectacled Bear lived in those areas.

Spectacled Bear - Possible Explation for Ucumar Sightings
The Spectacled Bear
Source: Melvin TOULLEC, CC BY-SA 4.0

Besides the Spectacled Bear theory, there are others who believe that the Ucumar is an enormous monkey or ape-like creature that walks on two legs however, no scientific evidence has been found to prove either of these theories.

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