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Whether you’re a seasoned cryptozoologist or just starting to explore the world of elusive creatures, this page contains just about everything you need to know about cryptids!

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What Is A Cryptid?

A cryptid is an animal or creature that people believe is real but there is no solid proof or scientific evidence available to prove that it does actually exist.

Cryptids form the basis of the field of Cryptozoology which formalizes the study of these strange creatures, what they are, and whether they are real.

It can be said that Cryptozoologists are real-life cryptid hunters!

The word Cryptid comes from the Greek word “cryptos” which means “hidden” or “secret”.

List Of Cryptids

Cryptids are elusive creatures that are shrouded in mystery which makes them incredibly intriguing! Stories about them go all the way back to the beginning of human history with myths, legends, folktales, and stories being passed down from generation to generation. There have literally been thousands of unknown creatures and animals that have been recorded throughout the centuries and while scientists are still trying to figure out whether they are real or not, this hasn’t stopped people from believing them!

Here you will find lists of cryptids that we have sorted into different categories and with new ones being added all the time, be sure to check back often!

Reptilian Cryptids

These creatures are described as having reptilian, snake-like, or dragon-like features.
The most famous reptilian creatures include the Chupacabra, the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, and the Tsuchinko.

Flying Cryptids

These are creatures that are said to have wings and have been reported as being able to fly.
Examples of famous flying creatures include the Thunderbird and Mothman.

Feline Cryptids

These creatures are typically described as large, powerful cat-like animals with unusual characteristics, such as glowing eyes, strange markings, or even supernatural abilities.
One of the most famous examples today is The Beast of Bodmin Moor.

Canine Cryptids

These creatures are described as large and powerful dog or wolf-like animals with some having the ability to shapeshift.
Werewolves would fall into this category.
Some famous examples include the Michigan Dogman and the Amarok Wolf.

Miscellaneous Cryptids

A diverse group of creatures that don’t fit neatly into any other category.
These could include unusual animals, hybrids, primates, or any other creeping or crawling creatures.

Interactive Map

Expand on our list of cryptids by exploring our interactive map which features the locations and information about all the creatures we have added to Crytidophillia so far.

Explore the globe to discover new and unusual creatures in your area and all over the world!

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Are Cryptids Real?

There is a fair amount of controversy, criticism, and skepticism around these creatures and cryptozoology in general. Here we’ll take a look at the reasons why researchers and scientists are hesitant to accept the existence of cryptids.

Ultimately no one really knows whether these creatures are real or not. That said, there are many creatures from the past who were once considered to be cryptids that have now been found to be real! So who’s to say that creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster don’t exist?!

Arguments For The Existence Of Cryptids

While there are many people who argue that cryptids aren’t real, there are just as many who do believe that they do exist, and here’s why…

  • Credible Eyewitness Accounts – Many people claim to have seen unusual and unknown creatures and many of their testimonies are very compelling! For example, the Van Meter Visitor of Iowa was seen by multiple witnesses over a number of days.
  • Remote and Unexplored Areas – There are many vast and remote areas on Earth that have not been explored yet such as dense jungles, deep oceans, and wilderness areas where unknown creatures could remain hidden from the world.
  • New Species – It is no secret that life on Earth is diverse! And, with new species being discovered all the time, it isn’t difficult to see how some of these species could defy the norm of animals that we already know. For example, the okapi, a giraffe-like animal that was discovered in the Congo in the 20th century.
  • Historical Accounts – Many cryptids have been described in historical accounts and documents for centuries for example the Loch Ness Monster which has been mentioned in Scottish folklore for centuries.
  • Scientific Discovery – Scientists and researchers are constantly making new discoveries about our world so it is very possible that there are many unknown animals that are out there waiting to be discovered.
  • Scientific Understanding – Cryptozoologists suggest that these creatures can offer alternative explanations for unusual activity and phenomena in our world. This is especially true for supernatural or paranormal experiences that can’t yet be explained by science.

Arguments Against The Existence Of Cryptids

There are a few reasons why the scientific community in general doesn’t believe cryptids are real. Here are a few of their reasons…

  • Misidentifications Of Known Animals – One of the main arguments against cryptozoology is that many unusual sightings can be explained as simple misidentifications of animals that we already know about.
  • Hoaxes – Unfortunately there have been a few cases where alleged sightings have ended up being deliberate hoaxes which doesn’t bode well for the cryptozoology community who want their work to be taken seriously. A few examples include the Zwaanendael Merman and the Jackalope.
  • Lack of Scientific Evidence – In many cases there just isn’t enough scientific evidence such as tangible physical evidence (bones, fur, footprints, etc) or even fossil evidence to prove that these creatures exist. And in cases where there is photographic or video evidence, it is usually very bad quality so it is very hard to work with or take seriously.
  • Questionable Evidence: Many criticize the work that cryptozoologists do saying that they rely too much on unverifiable stories rather than strict scientific methods.
  • Biological Constraints: Scientists and researchers believe that the existence of undiscovered species in small numbers is very unlikely. They believe that most animals would need big breeding populations to survive and sustain themselves. If this is the case then they say it would be difficult for these creatures to remain hidden.

Fun Facts About Cryptids

Lastly, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about cryptids!

  • The word “cryptid” was first used by zoologist Bernard Heuvelmans in his book “On the Track of Unknown Animals.”
  • There are thousands of different unknown creatures that have been reported all around the world.
  • Some creatures are based on real animals that have been extinct for centuries, such as the dodo or the giant ground sloth.
  • Other unknown animals are based on mythical creatures, such as unicorns or dragons.
  • Cryptozoology is not a recognized scientific discipline, but this hasn’t stopped people from studying it.
  • Some scientists believe that cryptids may actually be real, but simply haven’t been discovered yet. After all, until relatively recently, many scientists thought that giant squids and okapi (a giraffe-like animal native to Africa) were just myths. Now we know they are real!
  • Bigfoot is probably one of the most famous critters today. But did you know that it is known by different names around the world? For example, in the Himalayas, it is called the Yeti, in Australia, the Yowie, and in the Pacific Northwest, the Sasquatch.
  • Despite the name, not all unusual or unknown creatures are necessarily scary or monstrous. Take the shy Jackalope for example. This rabbit is adorned with antlers and some might even say it is cute!

Cryptids are intriguing creatures that remind us of just how big the world truly is and of how many unchartered territories still lie within our own planet waiting to be explored. Whether you believe in cryptids or not, one thing is for sure, the world of these strange and elusive creatures is full of wonder and possibility just waiting for the next cryptid hunter to explore. Could that be you?

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