Woods Devil Picture (Artist's Impression)

Woods Devil – New Hampshire

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The Woods Devil is a mysterious human-like cryptid that is said to live in the forests of Coos County, New Hampshire. Although there is very little physical evidence that the Woods Devil exists, it is still a popular cryptid in New Hampshire folklore.

Cryptid Name:Woods Devil
Location:Coos County, New Hampshire.
Map of where the Woods  Devil is found
Category:Hominid Cryptid
Description:Tall and slender human-like cryptid with shaggy gray hair.
Size:8 Feet / 2.4 Meters Tall.
Behavior/Characteristics:Very good at hiding, and will do its best not to be seen by humans.
Evidence:Anecdotal sightings and reports.
Sightings and Encounters:Numerous sightings reported in Coos County, New Hampshire.
Skepticism/Explanations:Some believe it is a type of Sasquatch, others believe it is a demonic creature, or even a manifestation of the Native American Wendigo spirit.

What Does The Woods Devil Look Like?

Woods Devil Picture (Artist's Impression)
Artist’s Impression of the Woods Devil

The Woods Devil is described as being a tall human-like cryptid that is very thin and covered in gray hair or fur. Witnesses say that it stands at a height of about 7 to 9 feet / 2 to 2.7 meters making it quite a lot taller than the average human.

They are very elusive and fast and will avoid humans at all costs. They are said to hide behind trees to avoid being seen and will move silently from tree to tree if they need to avoid someone. If there are no trees to hide behind they will stand incredibly still to avoid detection. However, if you are unlucky enough to spot a Woods Devil it will let out a terrifying, blood-curdling scream before making its escape.

Possible Explanations For The Woods Devil

Many people believe that the Woods Devil may be a type of sasquatch or bigfoot. However, there are just as many who think that it could be an entirely different creature because its appearance is so different from the descriptions of traditional sasquatch sightings. Some have speculated that its appearance is similar to some alien sightings while others think that it could be a supernatural cryptid or ghost.

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