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The Ao Ao is a terrifying cryptid that falls into the category of the supernatural or folklore cryptids. It is said to be a vicious sheep-like monster that preys on humans.

Cryptid Name:Ao Ao
Location:South America,  Paraguay
Ao Ao map of where it is found
Category:Supernatural / Folklore Cryptid
Description:A large, sheep-like creature with curved horns, fangs, and red eyes. It is said to be able to move very quickly and silently.
Size:About the size of a small horse.
Behavior/Characteristics:Cannibalistic, known to lure its prey with its sheep-like appearance. It is said to move in groups.
Habitat/Environment:Mountains and forests.
Evidence:No scientific evidence to support its existence, but there have been many reported sightings.
Sightings and Encounters:Many reported sightings over the years, but none have been verified.
Skepticism/Explanations:Some believe the Ao Ao is a real creature, while others believe it is a myth or a combination of other animals.

Ao Ao Description

Ao Ao - What it could look like

The Ao Ao is said to be a ferocious creature that is the size of a small horse. It has long fangs and claws that are said to have sheep-like features mixed with the features of a wild pig. It is said that it takes on the form of a sheep in order to lure its victims before it pounces.

The Ao Ao gets its name from its howl. It is said that when being chased by one the only escape is by climbing a palm tree which is sacred. If trying to escape by climbing another type of tree it is believed that the creature will dig the tree up from its roots and eventually push it over.

Where Does The Legend Of The Ao Ao Come From?

The Ao Ao is said to be the son of two cursed gods by the name of Tau, the god of hunting, and Kerana, the goddess of weaving. The legend tells that the Tau and Kerana were forbidden to have children but they disobeyed and had seven sons. All of the sons were cursed, however, the Ao Ao was the most fearsome of all of them.

Is the Ao Ao Real?

There are many different explanations for the stories of the Ao Ao that persist today. Some believe that they are based on real animals like jaguars or wild pigs or combinations of different animals. Others believe it is purely a mythical cryptid that is used to warn children to stay away from the wilderness.

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The truth is out there - share it with your friends!

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