Picture of Colossal Claude (Artist's Impression)

Colossal Claude – Oregon

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Colossal Claude is a cryptid sea monster that is said to live just off the coast of Oregon, with many eyewitnesses claiming to see it in the Columbia River mouth area.

Cryptid Name:Colossal Claude
Location:Oregon, USA (Columbia River Mouth)
Where Colossal Claude is found on the map of the United States
Category:Aquatic Cryptid / Sea Monster
Description:Massive aquatic creature with a 40-foot-long, thick serpentine body and a snaky head.
Size:Approximately 40 feet / 12 meters long
Behavior/Characteristics:Mysterious, believed to create disturbances in the water, potential lake monster.
Diet:Speculated to feed on fish.
Evidence:Limited evidence, primarily based on historical sightings and folklore.
Sightings and Encounters:Sightings date back to the early 1930s with many sightings since then particularly at the mouth of the Columbia River.
Skepticism/Explanations:Some believe it is a type of plesiosaur, while others believe it is a new and unknown species of creature.

What Does Colossal Claude Look Like?

Picture of Colossal Claude (Artist's Impression)
Artist’s Impression of Colossal Claude

Colossal Claude is said to look like a snake-like creature that is about 40 feet / 12 meters long. Eyewitnesses say that it has a thick body, long neck and tail, and a horse-like head. Some witnesses have also mentioned seeing hair covering its body.

There is however some speculation as to whether it looks more like a snake or a plesiosaur similar to other water cryptids such as the Coosa River Monster of Alabama and Bessie, the Lake Erie Monster.

Colossal Claude Sightings

Video still images of a supposed Collosal Claude sighting
Supposed Still Images Of Colossal Claude
Source: The Biggest Study

Colossal Claude was first seen in 1934 by the entire crew of the Lightship Columbia and soon after by another fishing crew whose descriptions of the creature pretty much matched the descriptions of the Lightship Columbia crew.

There were more sightings after that with a notable one being in 1963 when the Shell Company captured video of a creature that many believe is Colossal Claude. The crew claimed to have seen a large, sea serpent-like creature swimming nearby. They filmed the creature for several minutes before it disappeared. They named the creature Marvin The Monster. Unfortunately, I could not find the footage from this particular encounter. There are however a few blurry images which I don’t think conclusively show that Colossal Claude is real. What do you think?

In 2017, two friends were out kayaking on Yale Lake in Southwest Washington when they managed to catch some video footage of very strange phenomena. Interestingly Yale Lake is connected to the Columbia River where many Colossal Claude sightings have taken place and it has been speculated that perhaps this encounter could be explained by the two friends seeing Colossal Claude!

Possible Explanations for Colossal Claude

There has been a lot of speculation about the origins of the Colossal Claude sightings. Many claim that sightings are simply exaggerations or misidentifications of known animals such as whale shark or jellyfish. Some also speculate that it may be a surviving plesiosaurus that may still exist in the deep oceans and lakes of the world similar to the Loch Ness Monster.

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The truth is out there - share it with your friends!

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