Picture of the Tizheruk - Artist's Impression

Tizheruk – Alaska

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The Tizheruk is a water cryptid or sea serpent that is said to live in the waters of the Bering Sea, Alaska. The indigenous people of Alaska believe that it is a water spirit with supernatural abilities.

Cryptid Name:Tizheruk
Location:Bering Sea, Alaska.
Map of where the Tizheruk is found
Category:Supernatural / Folklore Cryptid
Description:A serpent-like creature that has a long head and flipper-like tail.
Size:Size can vary in different stories, ranging from relatively small to quite large.
Behavior/Characteristics:Dangerous; Capable of capsizing kayaks and attacking humans who venture too close.
Diet:Unknown; Possibly carnivorous
Habitat/Environment:Inhabits the cold and dark waters of the Arctic Ocean and surrounding regions.
Evidence:No scientific evidence to support its existence.
Sightings and Encounters:No verified sightings or encounters. No physical evidence.
Skepticism/Explanations:Misidentifications of known animals; mythical folklore creature; claims of encounters with the Tizheruk are met with skepticism by mainstream science.

What Does The Tizheruk Look Like?

Picture of the Tizheruk - Artist's Impression
Artist’s Impression of the Tizheruk

The Tizheruk is described as a serpent-like sea creature with a long snake-like body. It is believed to have a head that is seven feet / 2 meters long with a tail at the end of its body that looks like a flipper. All in all, it is thought to reach lengths of about 15 feet / 4.5 meters.

While some people believe that the Tizheruk’s skin is dark in color, I came across some who say that its skin is transparent and it uses its tongue to grab its prey which can then be seen inside its body once swallowed. Because its skin is transparent it is able to hide using its natural camouflaging ability. It is said to have rusty-colored organs that easily blend in with the natural backgrounds of the ocean and rivers.

It is believed that the Tizheruk can travel inland along rivers where it is able to hunt for animals and people who don’t live near the ocean. As it moves upstream it is able to compress its body so that it can move into relatively shallow water to hunt.

Tizheruk Sightings

The Tizheruk is believed to be a mythical creature in Inuit folklore and as such there are no confirmed sightings or physical evidence to prove that it exists, although many local people believe that it does.

In 2015, the following video was captured by the Bureau of Land Management of a “creature” swimming down the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska. In the video, they do offer an explanation for the strange sighting but many still think that it could be a video of the Tizheruk. What do you think?

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