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Cryptidophilia – What’s In A Name?

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Human language is always evolving and new words and phrases are born as our understanding of the world expands. As someone who loves the unexplained and unknown, I have always been fascinated by cryptids and creatures that have never been proven to be real! In my search for a word to describe this fascination, I came upon the word “Cryptidophilia”, an unknown word that hasn’t been recognized as an actual word… just like the many of the cryptids so many of us love!

I decided to write an article specifically dedicated to this word as a way to formalize it in my own small way. And who knows, maybe it will one day be its own legit word!

Cryptidophilia Origins

Cryptidophilia Definition and Meaning Heading Image

At its core, “cryptidophilia” is the fusion between the words “cryptid” and “philia”. As you know, cryptids are creatures that many people believe are real but there is no scientific evidence to prove that they actually do.

“Philia” is one of four ancient Greek words that is used to describe love. It is described as friendship, affection, or fondness towards someone or something. “Philia” is the opposite word for “phobia” which is the irrational fear or aversion to something.

Cryptidophila Definition

While there is no official definition for Cryptidophilia, I thought I would try my hand at putting one together, so here goes!


[krip-tid uh-FIL-ee-uh] NOUN

An intense fascination or keen interest in researching, discussing, and exploring the existence of elusive and often mythical beings, and other cryptids, despite limited scientific evidence supporting their presence.

Although Cryptidophilia is not a recognized word, I do think that it captures the essence of the intrigue and fascination that many have with cryptozoology and cryptids. And, I do hope that it is a word that encapsulates and resonates with believers and enthusiasts and the passion they have for investigating the unknown and searching for evidence of these elusive beings.

Exploring Other ‘Philia’ Words

The word “philia” has been used in many other terms to describe a unique interest or affinity for a particular subject. Here are a few more “philia” words that have been recognized over time:

  • Arachnophilia: Arachnophilia is used to describe an affection or love for spiders. Although spiders might make send chills up your spine, there are people who love these eight-legged creatures with their intricate webs and behaviors.
  • Cinephilia: Cinephiles are film enthusiasts who have a profound love for movies and cinema.
  • Bibliophilia: Bibliophilia describes a strong affection for books and a deep appreciation for the written word. Bibliophiles often collect and treasure books as if they were precious artifacts!
  • Technophilia: Technophiles are people with a strong passion for all things technological. They love gizmos and gadgets and all new technological advances in the digital world.
  • Oenophilia: For those who love everything about the world of wine, oenophilia represents a genuine passion for the culture, production, and appreciation of fine wines.
  • Numismatophilia: People who collect coins are often referred to as numismatophiles. They love collecting and studying coins and love to focus on the historical, cultural, and monetary aspects of coin collecting.
  • Philately: Stamp collectors can be described as philatelists. This hobby involves the collection and study of postage stamps, often showcasing unique designs, historical events, and cultural symbols.
  • Audiophilia – Audiophilia is a strong passion, interest, or love for high-quality sound and music. Audiophiles are dedicated to achieving the very best audio experiences and are willing to invest in the best audio equipment and technology to enhance their enjoyment of music and sound.


Language is a powerful tool that helps us to express our thoughts, emotions, and passions and while cryptidophilia may not be an official word I think it highlights the innate curiosity that people have to explore the unknown.

If you somehow manage to find your way to this page, please do let me know in the comments section below what you think and whether there are any other words that are commonly used to describe those of us who love all things cryptid!

The truth is out there - share it with your friends!

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