Picture of the Vampire Beast of Blandenboro (artist's impression)

Beast of Bladenboro – North Carolina

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The Beast of Bladenboro is an elusive feline cryptid from the town of Blandenboro in North Carolina in the United States. It is blamed for a series of myserious animal attacks and deaths in the area in the 1950s.

Cryptid Name:Beast of Bladenboro / Vampire Beast / Vampire Cat
Location:Bladenboro, North Carolina, United States
Map of were the Vampire Beast of Blandenboro is found
Category:Feline Cryptid
Description:Large, cat-like or panther-like cryptid with sharp claws and teeth.
Size:Reported to be larger than a typical domestic cat
but smaller than a full-grown panther.
Behavior/Characteristics:Mysterious and elusive, primarily known for attacking livestock and pets. Nocturnal.
Diet:Often believed to prey on livestock, chickens,
and domestic animals.
Habitat/Environment:Wooded areas and rural farmland in the vicinity of Bladenboro, North Carolina.
Evidence:Eyewitness sightings, mutilated animal carcasses
Sightings and Encounters:Numerous reported sightings and encounters by
locals, particularly during the 1950s.
Skepticism/Explanations:Theories include large feral cats, escaped exotic
pets, and urban legends. Some skeptics doubt the existence of the creature altogether.

What Does The Beast Of Bladenboro Look Like?

Picture of the Vampire Beast of Blandenboro (artist's impression)
Artist’s impression of The Vampire Beast of Bladenboro

The Beast of Bladenboro is described as a big, cat-like, or panther-like creature that is about the same size as a full-grown panther or cougar.

It is dark brown or black in color and has a sleek and muscular body with a long tail and eyes that glow in the dark. It also is said to have sharp teeth and claws.

The Legend of the Beast of Blandenboro

The first report received about the Beast of Blandenboro was in December 1953. It is believed that the creature killed a dog in Clarkton, which is about 8 miles (13 kilometers) from the town of Bladenboro.

A couple of days later a Blandenboro resident reported that two of his dogs were also gruesomely killed at his home.

Over the next couple of days, at least 5 more dogs and other animals were found dead. An autopsy report on one of the dogs said that it had been drained of all its blood which caused some to call the Beast of Blandenboro the Vampire Beast.

After this many reports were received from locals who claimed to have seen the beast and soon after this hunting parties were formed to track the creature. However, besides a few footprints which were inconclusive, very little evidence was found of the beast.

Newspaper article about the Beast of Bladenboro
Source: Boost The Boro

The Vampire Beast of Bladenboro (Interviews With Locals)

Anytown USA reported on the Beast of Blandenboro in a short video where they interviewed locals about the killings that took place in 1953 / 1954.

You can watch the video right here (The Vampire Beast Of Bladenboro is in the first 10 minutes of the video).

You can click the bottom right-hand side button of the video player if you would like to watch it full-screen.

Possible Explanations For The Beast of Blandenboro

Most people agree that the Beast of Blandenboro is a feline creature although some have suggested that it could be a bear, wolf, or large dog.

From descriptions given by eyewitnesses and the way in which the beast killed his prey, some have suggested that it could be a panther which would be incredibly unusual for the area. That said, there are other feline cryptids such as the The Beast of Bodmin Moor in England that also seem out of place.

Beast of Blandenboro Festival

The Beast of Bladenboro Festival, or Boost The Boro, is an annual event held in Bladenboro to celebrate the legend of the Beast of Bladenboro. The festival is usually held in October and is celebrated over a couple of days. It features live music, vendors, arts and crafts, and other fun-filled events for the whole family!

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