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The Hidebehind is a cryptid that is found in the folklore of the lumberjack and logging communities of North America. It is a very elusive cryptid that is known for its tendency to stalk behind humans in the forest especially when they are alone and it has been blamed for lumberjack disappearances over the years.

Cryptid Name:Hidebehind
Location:North America
Map of where the Hidebehind is found
Category:Folklore Cryptid
Description:Tall and slender creature, with long, thick dark fur and a tail.
Size:About 6 feet / 1.8 meters tall.
Behavior/Characteristics:Shy, elusive, stalking, able to easily conceal itself.
Habitat/Environment:Forested areas, particularly associated with lumberjack and logging communities.
Evidence:There is no scientific evidence supporting its existence.
Sightings and Encounters:Reported sightings, but often anecdotal and unverifiable.
Skepticism/Explanations:Often regarded as a product of folklore and legend, used to explain strange occurrences in the woods; there is no credible scientific basis for its existence.

What Does The Hidebehind Look Like?

Hidebehind Picture
Artist’s Impression of the Hidebehind

The Hidebehind is described as a “biggish beast” that stands about 6 feet / 1.8 meters tall.

It has a tall slender body that is covered in long, thick black fur. It has a tail that is a similar shape to a French sheepdog.

It is able to walk on two legs just like a human and because it is tall and thin it is able to hide behind tree trunks just like the Woods Devil of New Hampshire.

The Hidebehind’s most notable characteristic is its ability to hide making it very difficult to give an exact physical description.

It is also said to hate the smell of alcohol so it will never attack anyone who has been drinking!

The Legend of the Hidebehind

The legend of the Hidebehind can be found in a book called, “Fearsome Critters” by Henry Tryon which details the lumberjack cryptid folklore of the United States.

A highly dangerous animal, but, owing to its intense aversion to the odor of alcohol, never known to attack an inebriate. One bottle of Uno beer has been proven to be a complete safeguard even in thickly-infested country.

A biggish beast, standing about six feet and walking erect. The slender body makes it possible to hide completely behind the bole of a ten-inch tree. The pelt is long, thick, and black, and the tail is carried recurved. It looks like a French sheepdog’s. Almost impossible to tell whether the critter is going or coming, and practically hopeless to locate its face – if any. The short, well-muscled forelegs are equipped with grizzly-like claws.

Its food is chiefly intestines. Leaping from its hiding place with a demoniacal laugh, it swiftly disembowels its victim with one swipe. Sometimes the fiendish howl frightens the prey to death before the blow falls.

The Hidebehind is never found in the open. It always conceals itself behind a tree trunk. His marvellously quick, stealthy gait makes it possible for him to stay constantly behind his prey, no matter how quickly the suspicious victim may spin about in the hope of glimpsing the marauder. The beast can go seven years without eating.

Fearsome Critters
Hidebehind Sketch
Sketch of the Hidebehind
Source: Fearsome Critters

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The truth is out there - share it with your friends!

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