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The Luferlang is a horse-like cryptid that is found in the lumberjack folklore of North America. It is an aggressive beast that should be avoided, especially on 12 July!

Cryptid Name:Luferlang / Spinacaerulea tresarticulosus
Location:North America
Map of where the luferlang is found
Category:Folklore Cryptid
Description:Horse-like cryptid with a swivel tail in the middle of its back and triple-jointed legs.
Size:10 feet (3 meters) tall
Behavior/Characteristics:Aggressive and teritorial.
Habitat/Environment:Forests and mountains.
Evidence:Anecdotal sightings and folklore.
Sightings and Encounters:Sightings throughout North America, but none verified.
Skepticism/Explanations:Generally accepted to be a folklore creature.

What Does The Luferlang Look Like?

Luferlang Picture
Artist’s Impression of the Luferlang

The Luferlang looks a lot like a normal horse with a few extraordinary exceptions! It is said to have a dark blue stripe that runs down its spine with a swivel tail in the middle of its back which it uses to swat away flies.

It also has legs that are all triple-jointed which means that it can run in any direction it chooses.

It is known to be repelled by the color orange and attracted to the color green. It is particularly dangerous on the 12th of July when it is said to bite and kill its victims.

The Luferlang Legend

The story about the Luferlang is told in a book called, “Fearsome Critters, by Henry Tryon which shares the stories, legends, and creatures found in the lumberjack folklore of North America.

A dangerous fellow to meet up with. Very likely to attack without any provocation. Bites but once a year, but the bite is sure death.

Certain unique features make it easy, however, to identify the animal. A dark blue stripe down the spine, a bushy, swivel-jointed tail set in the middle of the back (this appendage is most useful in keeping off the flies) and all four legs triple-jointed are what the traveler should look for.

These legs make it possible for the Luferlang to run equally fast in all directions. In case of an attack, the victim should suddenly hold a large mirror up beside himself. The double image will so confuse the beast that he will rush off in disgust.

The biting season usually occurs on July 12. An orange-colored handkerchief conspicuously displayed will invariably afford full protection. Green clothing of any shade should be studiously avoided at this season, as it serves to arouse the animal further.

Fearsome Critters
Luferlang Sketch
Sketch of the Luferlang
Source: Fearsome Critters

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The truth is out there - share it with your friends!

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