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The Beast Of Bray Road – Wisconsin

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The Beast of Bray Road is a mysterious cryptid that has been reported in and around the Elkhorn area in Wisconsin, particularly near Bray Road. There were so many sightings in the area that stories about the beast became incredibly popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the beast being featured in books, movies, and documentaries.

Cryptid Name:Beast of Bray Road
Location:Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA
Map of where The Beast of Bray Road is found
Category:Hominid / Canine Cryptid
Description:Described as a large, hairy, wolf-like creature that walks on two legs. Resembles a werewolf.
Size:Varies in reports, but typically described as larger than a human and around 7 feet / 2 meters tall.
Behavior/Characteristics:Nocturnal, primarily seen at night. Elusive, aggressive behavior in some reports.
Diet:Unclear, but often associated with scavenging on roadkill or killing livestock.
Habitat/Environment:Reported in and around wooded areas, rural roads, and farmland near Bray Road.
Evidence:Anecdotal accounts, witness testimonies, and local folklore. Lack of concrete scientific evidence.
Sightings and Encounters:Multiple reported sightings and encounters, particularly in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Skepticism/Explanations:Skeptics attribute sightings to misidentifications, hoaxes, or the power of suggestion. Some suggest known animals like large dogs or coyotes could be the culprits. Native American legends and folklore may have contributed to the legend.

What Does The Beast Of Bray Road Look Like?

Beast of Bray Road Picture
Artist’s Impression of The Beast Of Bray Road

The Beast Of Bray Road is described as a tall creature that appears to be a half-human, half-wolf.

It is covered in dark brown or gray fur, has pointed ears and glowing yellow eyes that are reflective in the light. Many say that, just like a werewolf, it has a wolf-like face with sharp fanged teeth.

It has a muscular build with long claws and it can walk on two legs. It is taller than the average human, standing at about 7 feet / 2 meters when it stands on its hind legs. Some witnesses describe the beast as having a terrible smell, almost like rotting flesh.

Beast of Bray Road Sightings

One of the first known Beast of Bray Road sightings occurred in 1936 when a man by the name of Mark Schackelman came across a werewolf-type creature at a Native American burial mound near a school where he was working as a night watchman.

Since then there have been many other eyewitness accounts and the table below includes some of the most notable ones.

YearEyewitness NameDescription
1936Mark SchackelmanBeast had a muzzle, long fangs, pointed ears, and a foul odor. It growled the word “gadarrah.”
1964Dennis FewlessSaw a creature weighing about 450 pounds / 200 kilograms, dark brown, nearly 8 feet tall. It ran across the highway and jumped a fence.
1972UnknownA large hairy beast attempted to break into a rural Wisconsin farmhouse, left, and returned to severely scratch a horse. A large footprint was found.
1977Kim Del RioWitnessed a giant animal with “human fingers, bushy hair, big teeth, big hands.” The creature appeared anxious.
1981M. KirschnikSaw a creature standing behind a fallen tree, making eye contact.
1989Lorianne EndrizziEncountered a creature on Bray Road with fangs, yellow eyes, pointed ears, a wolf-like face, humanlike arms, and claws. The creature was powerfully built.
1989Unknown HuntersHeard heavy footsteps in the woods and saw a man-sized creature walking on two legs, growling loudly.
1991Doristine GipsonEncountered a large, dark, muscular creature on Halloween night on Bray Road. It leaped onto her car’s trunk.
1989Heather BoweySaw a creature initially mistaken for a huge dog until it stood up. The creature had oddly shaped back legs and moved swiftly.
1989Scott BrayReported seeing a strange-looking dog-like creature with pointed ears, long hair, and a large chest in his pasture.
1989Russell GestSaw a similar creature with black-and-gray hair, a wolflike head, a big neck, and wide shoulders.
1990Unknown WitnessesUnusual events, including animal sacrifices and occult drawings, were reported in the vicinity. People posing as humane officers collected stray dogs.
1992Tammy BraySaw the same creature her husband Scott Bray had seen in 1989, matching previous descriptions.
1992UnknownSeveral horses were found with their throats sliced open in their pasture.
2002-2006Don YoungA hunting guide reported seeing the werewolf five times. Described it as 7 feet tall with brown-black hair, human feet, and black eyes.
2003UnknownA young man saw a 6-foot-tall creature in a local cemetery with one foot perched on a gravestone.
2004Katie ZahnSpotted creatures “drinking water from a creek as a human would” in Rock County.
2006UnknownA deer hunter saw a large monster, hunched over and bulky, with human-looking feet, capable of leaping 12 feet in only two or three steps.

Inside Edition – Report about The Beast of Bray Road

In 2018, Inside Edition created a report about the sightings of The Beast of Bray Road. This report includes interviews with locals as well as how the sightings have affected the town.

Possible Explanations For The Beast Of Bray Road Sightings

Critics of the Beast Of Bray sightings suggest that the beast could simply be misidentifications of known animals such as large dogs, coyotes, bears, or other wildlife.

Some also suggest that perhaps it could be a known animal with unusual physical traits or health conditions such as rare genetic mutations or mange that might make the animal appear different from a normal and healthy animal.

Of course, there is also the possibility that pranksters could have created an elaborate hoax around the sightings. While hoaxes could explain some of the sightings, it would be difficult to prove that all the encounters and sightings were staged.

The Beast of Bray Road Festival

The Beast of Bray Road Festival is an annual event that is held in Elkhorn, Wisconsin to celebrate the legend of the Beast of Bray Road. It usually takes place in around May or June each year and is definitely worth visiting if you love cryptozoology and werewolves. The festival includes presentations where various pieces of evidence such as plaster casts of footprints and photos are on display.

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The truth is out there - share it with your friends!

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