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The Beast of Seven Chutes – Canada

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The Beast of Seven Chutes is an unknown cryptid that was photographed at the Parc des Sept-Chutes in Canada.

Cryptid Name:The Beast Of Seven Chutes
Location:Parc des Sept-Chutes, Canada
The Beast og Seven Chutes Sighting Map
Category:Hominid Cryptid.
Description:Large, ape-like creature that appears to stand upright.
Size:8 foot (2.5m) tall
Diet:Not known, likely omnivorous.
Habitat/Environment:Remote wilderness.
Evidence:Blurry Photograph, mostly anecdotal.
Sightings and Encounters:Limited evidence
Skepticism/Explanations:Misidentification of known animal, rock formations, pareidolia*

The Beast of Seven Chutes Sighting

Beast Of Seven Chutes Image

In the early 2000s, an unknown man who was sightseeing in the Parc des Sept-Chutes (Seven Chutes Park) in Canada, took a number of photos of the area he was exploring. At the time he didn’t notice anything unusual however, later when browsing through his photos, he noticed something strange standing in the trees – a tall brown figure that resembled a Bigfoot-type cryptid with a baboon-like snout. The creature was staring directly at him and it appeared as if it was holding something white that many have speculated could be a dog.

It is believed that the photographer went back to the area and took more photos with someone standing in the same spot as the beast for comparison and it is speculated that the beast is about 8 foot (2.5m) tall.

The Beast Of Seven Chutes Photographs

Let’s take a look at the photos which were taken at Seven Chutes Falls.

Photo 1

This is the original photo of the beast – it is easy to see why the photographer didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary during his outing.

The Beast of Seven Chutes Photograph
Source: Facebook

Photo 2

The second image is a zoomed-in version of the original photograph. As you can see from this photo it appears as if the beast is standing upright like a human however it doesn’t fit the descriptions of a typical Bigfoot cryptid. You can also see the white or pink object that it appears to be holding.

Zoomed in photograph of the Beast Of Seven Chutes
Source: Time Graphics

Is The Beast of Seven Chutes Real?

There has been a lot of speculation about what The Beast of Seven Chutes could be and whether it is real. Possible explanations range from the creature being a true cryptid that is yet to be identified all the way through to it simply being a pile of rocks or even worse, a hoax. I’ve also seen people joking that it looks like the creature is holding a pink stuffed toy!

* One possibility that has also been mentioned is that of pareidolia. This is when people can see faces or other images in everyday objects such as clouds, tree formations, etc.

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