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The Brosno Dragon, which is also sometimes known as the Brosno Lake Monster or Brosnya is an aquatic cryptid that lives in Lake Brosno, found in the Tver region of Russia. It is often compared to other lake monsters such as the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland or the Flathead Lake Monster in Montana.

Cryptid Name:Brosno Dragon / Brosno Lake Monster / Brosnya
Location:Lake Brosno, Tver region, Russia
Brosno Dragon Location On Map
Category:Aquatic Cryptid
Description:Serpent-like creature, often compared to a plesiosaur or aquatic reptile.
Size:Reported to be 15 to 30 feet / 5 to 10 meters in length.
Behavior/Characteristics:Mysterious and elusive; described as having dark, scaly, or slimy skin; said to be aggressive.
Diet:Unknown, but it is thought to eat fish and other aquatic animals.
Habitat/Environment:Lake Brosno is a deep, cold lake with a murky bottom which is located in a remote area of Russia.
Evidence:No concrete scientific evidence to confirm the existence of the Brosno Dragon.
Sightings and Encounters:Numerous reported sightings dating back to the 8th century but lacking definitive proof.
Skepticism/Explanations:The most likely explanation for the Brosno Dragon sightings is that they are caused by misidentification of other animals, such as large fish or logs. Other possible explanations include hoaxes, mirages, or gas bubbles rising from the lake bottom.

What Does The Brosno Dragon Look Like?

Although descriptions of the Brosno Dragon do vary, it is commonly said to be a large serpent-like creature with a long thin tail. It has dark skin that is either described as black or green. It is also described as being scaly and even slimy.

In most accounts, Brosnya is said to have a long neck that extends out of the water, similar to the neck of a plesiosaur. Its head is said to look like that of a dragon or dinosaur.

Plesiosaur Image
Image Of A Plesiosaur

Bronso Dragon Legends

Legends and stories about the Lake Brosno monster go back several centuries. According to one story, the army of Baty-Khan rested at the edge of Lake Brosno giving the soldiers an opportunity to drink from the lake. However, as they drank, a huge dragon-like monster emerged from the waters and attacked the horses and soldiers. The army was so terrified that they retreated and ended their campaign against the Novgorod Republic in Russia.

Other legends include stories about fishermen being devoured whole by the enormous monster and there are even claims that it swallowed a plane during World War Two.

Along with these stories, there are numerous reports from eyewitnesses claiming that the Brosno Dragon surfaces in the evenings but swiftly disappears when approached, and many people say that they have seen it moving in an almost serpentine way through the water.

Brosno Dragon Investigations

Brosno Dragon Artists Impression

In the summer of 2002, a team of experts from the Kosmopoisk Research Association used sonar equipment to scan Lake Brosno for signs of the Brosno Dragon. They found a huge, jelly-like substance near the bottom of the lake which was about the size of a railway car.

After watching the mysterious mass they noticed that there was no movement. After some time the team decided to try to get the mass to move by detonating a low-capacity underwater explosive device. The explosion caused the mass to move slowly but the researchers determined that it was not a living creature and maintained that it was the force from the explosion that caused the movement.

Brosno Dragon Theories and Possible Explanations

While many people think that the Brosno Dragon could be a reptilian cryptid living in the lake, there are many who disagree. They argue that if it were a reptile, it would not be able to survive the harsh climate of the region during hibernation.

With this in mind, some have suggested that it could possibly be a mammal. However, Lake Brosno is a relatively small lake and researchers believe that it wouldn’t be able to support an entire population of large predators such as those that eyewitnesses describe.

Likewise, for these creatures to thrive they would need a substantial food source which could be difficult to find in a confined lake environment. Some however speculate that there could be an underground water system that connects the lakes and seas which has caused some to believe that the Brosno dragon could be a distant relative of the Loch Ness Monster.

Researchers however believe that there is an alternative explanation to what people are seeing. They suggest that there are hydrogen sulfide emissions that rise up from the lake bottom that can cause water disturbances which could look like strange creatures in the water depending on the lighting and the weather.

There are others who believe that there is a hidden volcano within Lake Brosno that could push debris to the lake surface which could also create the illusion of strange creatures living in the lake.

While it is worth looking into the various explanations around the Brosno dragon, it cannot be denied that there is definitely something mysterious about Lake Brosno, especially considering how many eyewitness reports there have been. Even the researchers who have been involved in investigating the mysterious phenomenon have stated that the lake has a very mysterious and eerie aura about it that they simply can’t explain.

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