Zwaanendael Merman Picture (Artist's Impression)

Zwaanendael Merman – Delaware

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The Zwaanendael Merman is a rather creepy mermaid cryptid that you can see at the Zwaanendael Museum in Delaware. It was supposedly discovered in the early 1800s by a Dutch sailor who claimed that he found the creature washed ashore. The mermaid was put on display in the town of Zwaanendael and it attracted a lot of attention however it was soon discovered that it was a hoax.

Cryptid Name:Zwaanendael Merman
Location:Zwaanendael Museum, Lewes, Delaware, USA
Map of where the Zwaanendael Merman is found.
Category:Aquatic Cryptid
Description:Merman with the upper body of a monkey and the lower body of a fish.
Size:Approximately 12 inches / 30cm long.
Evidence:Confirmed Hoaz.
Sightings and Encounters:Displayed in Zwaanendael, but later exposed as a hoax.
Skepticism/Explanations:Revealed to be a fabricated creature made by sewing together a monkey’s upper body with a fish’s lower body. Such creations were common in the 19th century for entertainment purposes.

What Does The Zwaanendael Merman Look Like?

Zwaanendael Merman Picture (Artist's Impression)
Artist’s Impression of the Zwaanendael Merman

The Zwaanendael Merman is a supposed mermaid-like creature that has the upper body of a monkey and the lower body of a fish. It has human hair and is about 12 inches / 30 centimeters long.

Is the Zwaanendael Merman A Hoax?

Yes, the Zwaanendael Merman is a hoax. It is believed to have been made in Japan in the mid-1800s. It was given to a member of the Martin family of Lewes by an old sea captain and stayed with the family for almost a century. When the last member of the family passed away, it was almost sold as part of the family’s estate but the citizens of Lewes bought it for $250 and presented it as a gift to the Zwaanendael Museum where you can still see it today.

The Zwaanendael Merman is a taxidermied monkey head that has been sewn onto a fishtail. While some might think it a rather elaborate hoax, it wasn’t unusual for sailors in the 19th century to create this type of art which was used to attract people to sideshows and museums.

Picture of the Zwaanendael Merman at the Zwaanendael Museum in Delaware
The Zwaanendael Merman on display in the Zwaanendael Museum
Source: Zwaanendael Museum

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The truth is out there - share it with your friends!

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