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The Waheela is a mysterious cryptid that is found in the legends and folklore of the Dene and Inuit cultures in the northern regions of the United States and Canada. While there is no scientific evidence to prove that the Waheela exists, it is very similar to other canine cryptids found in the northern parts of Canada and the United States such as the Akhlut and the Amarok Wolf.

Cryptid Name:Waheela
Location:Northern United States and Canada
Map of where the Waheela cryptid is found
Category:Folklore / Supernatural Cryptid
Description:Large and ferocious wolf-like creature that is bigger and heavier than a normal wolf, with a wide head and proportionally larger paws.
Size:Described as larger than a normal wolves with some being bigger than bears.
Behavior/Characteristics:Aggressive, potentially deadly, solitary.
Diet:Often believed to eat humans, livestock, or other animals.
Habitat/Environment:Forests and mountains.
Evidence:No scientific evidence of its existence.
Sightings and Encounters:Sightings and encounters are based on anecdotal accounts and folklore.
Skepticism/Explanations:Misidentifications or exaggerations of known or extinct animals.

What Does The Waheela Look Like?

Artists Impression Of The Waheela
Artist’s Impression Of The Waheela

The Waheela is most often described as being a very big and ferocious creature that has a wolf-like appearance. It is however a lot bigger than a typical wolf with some stories claiming that it could even be larger than a bear.

It has a very strong and muscular body with a powerful jaw. It has fur that is shaggy and thick which helps it to withstand the harsh climate in the northern regions of the United States and Canada where it is found. It’s fur is most often described as being white but there are accounts of it being darker grey and brown as well.

It is also believed that the Waheela has supernatural traits such as being immune to attacks by humans.

The Legend Of The Waheela

In the stories and legends of the Waheela, it is often seen as a powerful and fearsome creature that is a deadly predator that will not hesitate to prey on livestock or humans. Many believe that it possesses supernatural abilities and cannot therefore be killed by human weapons. Some claim that it can move incredibly quickly and quietly with the ability to become invisible and even shape-shift.

Besides its terrifying reputation, it is believed that the Waheela is a protector and guardian of the wilderness and will punish hunters who have been wasteful or disrespectful in their hunting. It is also said to take revenge on those who take more from the land than what they need. It serves as a harsh reminder that people should not venture far from their communities and that they should have respect for the land and the natural world.

Possible Explanations For The Waheela

One of the most popular explanations for the legends about the Waheela is that it is simply an exaggeration of a known animal much like the Amarok Wolf legend may have originated from the now-extinct Dire Wolf. However, there is another extinct animal that is a more likely candidate in the case of the Waheela – the Amphicyonidae or “bear-dog”.

The Amphicyonidae is an extinct family of prehistoric mammals that lived about 30 million years ago. They are commonly known as bear-dogs because they have a blend of bear-like and dog-like features which include big and powerful bodies that were in some cases bigger than modern-day bears. Just like the Waheela, they had powerful bodies and limbs and canine-like teeth. Many Amphicyonids fossils have been found in parts of North America and Canada where the Waheena is said to live.

Reconstruction of the amphicyonidae (bear-dog).
Reconstruction of the Amphicyonidae (bear-dog)
Source: Roman Uchytel

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The truth is out there - share it with your friends!

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