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The Elaphocentaur is a creature that is described as half deer half human. It appears frequently in Italian mythology, legend, and folklore and while it is more of a creature of legend, there are many who believe that elaphocentaurs did exist. The word “elephocentaur” is derived from the Greek words “Elophos” which means deer and “kentauros” meaning centaur.

Cryptid Name:Elaphocentaur
Location:Italy, Greece, and other parts of Europe
Elaphocentaurs Location on map
Category:Supernatural/Folklore Cryptid
Description:Half deer, half human – A creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a deer.
Size:Tall and slender, typically about 6 feet (1.8 m) tall.
Behavior/Characteristics:Said to be guardians of the forest.
Diet:Unknown, most likely herbivores.
Evidence:No scientific evidence to support its existence, but it has been reported in folklore and mythology for centuries.
Sightings and Encounters:There have been very few reported sightings of the Elaphocentaur, and no one has ever been able to provide any concrete evidence of its existence.
Skepticism/Explanations:Some people believe that the Elaphocentaur is a real creature, while others believe that it is a myth or a legend. There are several possible explanations for the reported sightings, such as misidentification of other animals, hoaxes, or pareidolia (the tendency to see familiar patterns in random objects such as clouds, trees etc.).

Elaphocentaur: Half Deer, Half Human

Elaphocentaur Image

The Elaphocentaur is a mythical creature that is described as half deer, half man – it has the lower body of a deer while the top of its body is that of a human. Unlike its famous counterpart, the Centaur (half horse, half man), the elaphocentaur, or deer centaur is not as well known and there isn’t much that has been recorded about it.

Elaphocentaurs are said to be peaceful and gentle creatures that live in forests and glades with some describing them as being guardians of the forest.

Some Common Descriptions Of The Elaphocentaur

Besides being described as being half deer, half man, the elaphocentaur is also described as being tall, slender, and elegant with long flowing hair.

They are said to have pale skin and their eyes are often green or brown. Some also describe them as having deer antlers on their heads.

They can move very quickly and are very agile being able to run and jump through the forest with ease. They are also described as being intelligent and wise.

Are Elaphocentaurs Real?

I think that we can safely say that if elaphocentaurs were once real, there is no evidence today to suggest that there are any still alive. However, I found this really interesting image of what a centaur skeleton may look like if they were to exist that I wanted to include as I find it really interesting!

Example of a centaur skeleton
“The Centaur of Tymfi” – Centaur skeleton prepared by Skulls Unlimited International
Source: Skeleton assembly commissioned by Bill Willers. Photographer: Sklmsta

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The truth is out there - share it with your friends!

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